Welcome to Enchipai Campsite and Cottages

Irresistible Sun-downer

Intrinsically Exciting Gazebos

Exquisite and Luxurious Rooms

Traditionally Styled Elegant Cottages

Wind Energy Guarantees Power 24/7

Majestic Bird View Conference

Wondrous Wildlife

Simply Surreal Night

Tastefully Fine and Luxurious

Contact Details:

  • Enchipai Campsite & Cottages Headquarters
  • Prudential Assurance Building
  • Wabera Street
  • 5th Floor
  • P.O. Box 73706 – 0200
  • Nairobi – Kenya
  • Tel: +254780911707/+254743911707
  • info@enchipai.com/enchipai@gmail.com

Physical Location: Located 20km from Nairobi-Arusha Highway by Isinya Town –  58km South of Nairobi and 19km North of Kajiado.

Plan your stay or occasion with us:

  • Weddings
  • Family Vacation
  • Business Retreat
  • Banquets and Meetings
  • Ecological Tourism
  • Fine Dining


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