Welcome to Enchipai Campsite and Cottages

Irresistible Sun-downer

Intrinsically Exciting Gazebos

Exquisite and Luxurious Rooms

Traditionally Styled Elegant Cottages

Wind Energy Guarantees Power 24/7

Majestic Bird View Conference

Wondrous Wildlife

Simply Surreal Night

Tastefully Fine and Luxurious

Deluxe King-Bed

Our traditional grass thatched rustic cottages are dispersed and meanders through the vast escarpment to which Enchipai is perched with a private veranda that offers a killing view of the Great Rift Valley and occasional spotting of wild animals. Our rooms are exquisitely furnished with elegant but simple traditional amenities that offer for a splendid and soulful feel of a vacation stay or a safari sanctuary. Our Deluxe King-Bed comes with high quality triple sheeted bedding over therapeutic mattress that offer unimagined night of comfort. We are also proud to say that all our rooms are powered by windmill energy that almost guarantees no power outage.



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